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15 May 2012 @ 12:34 pm
My dear friends, it pains me to say I am going on an indefinite hiatus. As some of you may know, I have an unexplained chronic illness and for the past months my symptoms have been getting worse. I no longer have the stamina for long simming hours and my active time on the computer must be rationed to devote as much time to schoolwork as possible. This community has been a wonderful part of my life for over a year now and I’ve made so many lovely friends. Thank you so much for the fantastic ride! I’ve been dragging my feet over posting an entry like this, because it seems so final, but it really isn’t. If you feel a benevolent presence hovering in your journal or see a msantimacassar commenting, it’ll be me! And who knows – my plot bunnies are still very active – I could be back in a few months!

So let’s not say goodbye but au revoir!

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16 May 2015 @ 04:49 pm

(Previously: chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6)

Warnings: none

"Be careful what you wish for..."
~ Unknown

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01 May 2015 @ 10:36 pm

Welcome back to the Bennet Legacy! Last time, founder Tessa Bennet and her hubby Caddy had two kidlets, Thea and Sean! Brace yourself for more baby/toddler spam... ^_^
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30 April 2015 @ 04:45 pm

Welcome to the second installment of the Bennet Legacy! I've been playing this family A LOT - I have so many pictures it may be another generation before I'm all caught up! :O Soo, here goes!

Last time we met Tessa Bennet, elfin legacy founder, as she found love with Caddy Lawless, got a position in her dream job track, and prepared for a new arrival!
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Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!!!


Happy Birthday to my dear birthday twin, untidyfan! I hope you had an awesome day, dear!
(We have the best birthday ever, don't you think? ;)

I've been moving this past two weeks and finally got to get back on my simming computer. I apologize for the lateness of these posts but even though I missed it I still wanted to do something fun and green-themed!
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24 March 2015 @ 08:29 pm

"I’ve been super stressed lately and craving some stress-free simming - so I’ve decided to start a legacy. I’ve done several legacies in the past but usually gave up or got distracted part way in. I make no promises this time around, but I’m looking forward to just playing the game, without plotbunnies, cheats, or posing. I will still be working on my other projects but this will be a way for me to just chill out and do some old-fashioned simming. Hope you will enjoy following along!"

That was the intro I've already posted on Tumblr. I have been posting the updates in bits and pieces there but the format just isn't working for me. I guess I'm too used to good old LJ, and I'd like to keep everything in one place without cluttering up my Tumblr! So here you have a first proper update, all in one place. :)
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05 March 2015 @ 02:36 pm

Happy Birthday, bolob! I know I’m a bit late but I hope you had an amazing day! <3 *sends hugs*
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18 February 2015 @ 05:03 pm

Happy birthday, cupcaketacular! I hope you had a lovely day filled with all of your favorite things! Best wishes for many happy returns! <3
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16 February 2015 @ 09:09 pm

Happy Birthday, dear feydecay! Sorry this is a little late (it’s still the 16th in my timezone :P) I hope you had a lovely day and may all your wishes come true! <3
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14 February 2015 @ 05:15 pm

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends! I'm usually not a fan of this holiday but I'm all for using it as an excuse to take cutesy pictures! ;)

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